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Candlemas and the Eternal Law

It is the Eternal Law that enables us to overcome the Laws of Nature. Continue reading

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Announcing “My NEW Everyday Prayer Book!”

A new book is a great way t start off the New Year!
Expanded, enlarged, and with new material. Continue reading

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Did Jesus Really Exist?

Christmas is around the corner, so let’s warm up with a mug of hot cocoa and some entry-level apologetic! Time and again, the believing Christian will encounter the claim Jesus never existed, and that the “Jesus myth” was made up … Continue reading

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FREE eBook – My Everyday Prayer Book

The book is available as a FREE .pdf, the first in a collection of free books I plan on uploading as the year goes by (I have to write them first!). Continue reading

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The “Christmas Is Pagan” Diatribe

It’s that time of year, when social media is filled with posts about how Christmas is a “Pagan” holiday. WHO CARES? Continue reading

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Last Week of Advent, Blast from the Past

I recorded myself singing. The “forceful simplicity” was amazing. Continue reading

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The Lord’s Prayer as Spiritual Technology

A few weeks ago I was talking religion with some friends, and one of them claimed the Our Father (the Lord’s Prayer) plays into a mindset of blind obedience and unquestioning submission. Continue reading

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