Agostino-Album Cover

I call this my “album cover,” taken in Louisville in 2009. Interviewers seem to like it!

Here are interviews I’ve done over the years, talking about Catholic Occultism, Exorcism, the Mass, the Rosary, and so forth. This page will always be a “work under construction,” and I’ll update it as new interviews are recorded and published.

Logos of Ophiel: Catholic Magic with Jason Spadafore (Brother ADA or Agostino Taumaturgo) and Taliesin McKnight (Reupload – original interview February 23, 2019)

Sacramental Whine #15: Getting over the Rome-A-Phobia with Jason Spadafore. (January 26, 2019)

Glitch Bottle #37: Occult Virtues of the Catholic Mass, Saints & Rosary with Jason Spadafore (January 20, 2019)

Glitch Bottle #21: Catholic Occultism and Magic with Jason Spadafore (May 9, 2018)

Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole #213: Agostino Taumaturgo Discusses The Magic in the Catholic Church (March 27, 2018)

Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole #140: Father Jason Spadafore Discusses Catholic Exorcism (May 31, 2016)

In addition, I also broadcast a brief “Service of the Word” every Sunday on Facebook Live at 3pm Eastern Time. Not exactly an interview or even a “group chat,” but I tend to respond to comments in real-time during the often-weird homily. Just follow my personal profile on Facebook (Agostino Taumaturgo) to get updates and tune in!