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Why “Pagan” Is Not a Dirty Word

Don’t fall for the guilt-trip or the scare tactics. You and your children deserve better. Continue reading

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The “Christmas Is Pagan” Diatribe

It’s that time of year, when social media is filled with posts about how Christmas is a “Pagan” holiday. WHO CARES? Continue reading

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Can We Pray to Spirits and Dead People?

It’s that time of year when the Triduum of Halloween-All Saints-All Souls is upon us. Usually around this time people ask me these questions, or something like them: is it sinful to venerate our ancestors? What about spirits like the Lwa and Orishas? Continue reading

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Easter = Ishtar? Not Really.

A meme says Easter is named after Ishtar. The truth behind that will blow. Your. Mind. Continue reading

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