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My Problem with Neopagan Polemics, The Protestant Origins, and Modern Catholicism’s Complicity

Fun fact I learned yesterday: the Romans used the Yin-Yang symbol 700 years before the Chinese. Oh, and this was recorded in the Notitia Dignitatum around 425 AD, meaning the symbol was first used by actual Roman Catholics! Those pagan … Continue reading

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Why “Pagan” Is Not a Dirty Word

Don’t fall for the guilt-trip or the scare tactics. You and your children deserve better. Continue reading

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The “Christmas Is Pagan” Diatribe

It’s that time of year, when social media is filled with posts about how Christmas is a “Pagan” holiday. WHO CARES? Continue reading

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Can We Pray to Spirits and Dead People?

It’s that time of year when the Triduum of Halloween-All Saints-All Souls is upon us. Usually around this time people ask me these questions, or something like them: is it sinful to venerate our ancestors? What about spirits like the Lwa and Orishas? Continue reading

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Easter = Ishtar? Not Really.

A meme says Easter is named after Ishtar. The truth behind that will blow. Your. Mind. Continue reading

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