T-Shirts, or, the road to becoming an internet clichè.

As some of you may know, I’ve had a separate site with T-shirts for some time, under the generic name “Jason’s Designs,” which later took the equally generic name “THAVMA Store.”

Since I like keeping the website sort of “centralized hub,” it should be no surprise I’m creating a page for them here.

Below you’ll see images and direct links for the T-Shirt designs I have so far, and I’ll keep this updated in the future as more are created. I haven’t given the pricing here as it’s fairly fluid (the website does discount events fairly often), so you’ll have to click the link for specifics at any given time.

Rosary Extremist

Rosary Extremistw

A journalist recently said the Rosary was a sign of “extremism.” We all know it’s not true, so let’s laugh at it together!

Saint Michael the Archangel, Defend Us in Battle!

Saint Michaelw

Saint Michael is considered the defender of the Universal Church, and called on in times of battle or for protection. He is the patron saint of police officers, soldiers, and all those who put their lives on the line for society.

Honor Thy Mother

Honor Thy Motherw

This is the first T-shirt idea that came to me. And the message is one we all know is true.

Angels Watching

Angels Watchingw

Angels are sent as watchers, as messengers, as bringers of good news. With this shirt, you can remind everyone that Angels are watching over them!

The Occult Rosary

Occult Rosaryw

This is the cover art to “The Occult-ish Guide to the Rosary,” with Mary and the Rosary in the foreground.

Cross of St. Benedict (Dark Colors)

(Click this link for Lighter Color T-Shirts)

Benedict Medal Darkw

The classic image of protection, this cross was found painted on the walls in St. Michael’s Abbey in Metten, when local authorities noticed the abbey was particularly immune to magical attacks. This image is now found on the St. Benedict’s Medal, this medal and image are recommended for protection from evil.