Reading the Stations of the Cross

Narrated by Fr. Agostino Taumaturgo.

.PDF booklet with complete text and all prayers available at

This holy devotion commemorates the various incidents that occurred during Jesus’ painful journey with his Cross from the tribunal of Pilate to the hill of Calvary.

It is tradition that the Blessed Virgin daily made a visit to the scenes of Christ’s Passion, and from the earliest times Christians flocked to Jerusalem to visit those holy places. For those who were unable to make such a pilgrimage, but who wished in spirit to accompany it, the custom arose throughout Europe of setting up representations of the different incidents of the Passion, which, since 1731, have definitely been restricted to our present fourteen stations.

All this devotion requires is to meditate, however briefly and according to one’s ability, on the Passion of our Lord, and to go from one station to another. No vocal prayers are necessary, but it is common for groups and congregations to use some or other set of prayers.



About Agostino

Brother A.D.A. (Agostino Taumaturgo) has been a student of Christian spirituality and magic for almost 30 years, specializing in theology and orthodox methods of manifestation. His father was a metaphysics teacher, and Brother A.D.A. learned much from him. After being ordained a traditionalist Catholic priest in 2002 and consecrated a bishop in 2007, he learned even more but returned to the magical community because exoteric ministry just wasn’t for him. Brother A.D.A. now writes, teaches, and lectures on spirituality, magic, and manifestation within a Christian paradigm, and is available for workshops, speaking engagements and one-on-one coaching. He can be reached at
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