Lent, Fasting, and Abstinence

fasting and abstinence

The Second Precept of the Church commands all Catholics to “observe fasting and abstinence from flesh-meats at the prescribed times.”

Lent is such a prescribed time, and fasting is known the world over as a powerful spiritual practice. This means it a good time to review what Fasting and Abstinence actually entails. The rules given here are those in force prior to 1966, as these rules are still in use by Traditional Roman Catholics today.

After we discuss the traditional rules, we’ll give a brief consideration to the new rules, the exceptions, and when/to whom the rules apply.

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Candlemas and the Eternal Law


Candlemas. The Feast of the Purification.
The official last day of the Christmas Season!

As subject of meditation, this is linked to the “Fourth Joyful Mystery” and its spiritual fruit is coming into perfect obedience with Divine Law.

In the Theurgical system I use and teach, this subject leads us to approach Divine Law first by looking at Nature (see Romans 1:20). I say this because human accomplishment has not come about by contradicting the laws of Nature but by obeying them.

For example, look at our harnessing of electricity or of the atom. Not a single instance of our technology has come about by arguing against or overcoming the laws of gravity, friction, inertia, or any number of natural laws. But rather it has ALL manifested because human beings STUDIED the laws governing Nature, realized they could NOT go outside those laws, and then figured out how to work within those laws so as to make things happen.

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Why Dogma Can Be Good for Spirituality


Most people seeing this post’s title would either curse against it or scroll on, depending on their mental state. I’d like you to hear me out for a moment, though, because I believe this can be helpful.

Okay. Now that I’ve got your attention, you’re probably asking How the hell is dogma good for anything, let alone spirituality? I think the best answer can be found by exploring, What is dogma?

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Announcing “My NEW Everyday Prayer Book!”

My NEW Everyday Prayer Book - Cover

Happy New Year!

A year ago, I compiled and released My Everyday Prayer Book as a free download, the first file in our Free .pdf Library. Today I’m proud to introduce the second edition, MY NEW EVERYDAY PRAYER BOOK!

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The Symbol of Santa Claus (Childhood Memories)

We finally had the talk about Santa Claus. Whether Santa was “real.”

My mother and I had this talk on an autumn day in ’81 or ’82. I don’t remember exactly anymore, just that I was 7 or 8 years old and we’d already moved to Ohio.

I didn’t ask the question. She volunteered it, saying “It’s the parents who leave presents,” and then told me “Santa Claus is real. He’s a symbol.”

She then went and told me each part of Santa’s outfit, each color, represented something:

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Did Jesus Really Exist?


IMAGE: The Head of Christ by Nikolai Kishelev, circa 1880

Christmas is around the corner, so let’s warm up with a mug of hot cocoa and some entry-level apologetic!

Time and again, the believing Christian will encounter the claim Jesus never existed, and that the “Jesus myth” was made up by some man or group of men who invented the Christian religion.

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Why I Believe the “Left-Hand Path” Doesn’t Exist

Secrets of the Occult

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
— From the Code of the Sith

I was recently told that I’m “much edgier than most esoteric Christians.” I wasn’t sure how to respond, since even though I find most self-described “esoteric Christians” milquetoast and on the fluffy side, I have no idea whether that “edgier” assessment is true.

Yet every so often I encounter someone who thinks they can convert me to the “Left Hand Path,” or somehow trick me into becoming a carbon copy of themselves. Problem is their own understanding of the “Left Hand” and “Right Hand distinction: Continue reading

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