Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, Revisited

Pentacle Wallpaper Pentacle

Image Credit: Blood-Huntress.deviantart.com

A year and some change ago, I wrote a brief tractate on the origins, structure, and potential theological issues inherent in the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, along with suggestions for solutions. Today I’d like to add a few notes to that post, things discussed over the past year.

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Why “Pagan” Is Not a Dirty Word


Reflecting on this for almost a decade, I’ve come to realize one of the problems with post-Vatican II Catholicism is a sort of Insistence on a Jewish identity.

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Mary, Matriarch of Christian Magic

Mother of the Eucharist 1

“Mother of the Eucharist,” by Tommy Canning

In both exoteric and esoteric Christianity, the Blessed Virgin Mary plays a major role. Rank-and-file parishioners seek out her intercession in trials and tribulations, mystics sometimes describe experience of meeting her, and magicians high and low invoke her to get things done. What are we getting ourselves into?

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When You’re Not Getting Results

Prayer Not Answered-800x500

Last year we talked about what to do when your magic doesn’t seem to work. Today I’d like to give a few pointers addressing a few things that weren’t handled in that article. What’s below is excerpted from How to Pray the Rosary and Get Results; even though it deals specifically with prayer, it can apply to magical work just as easily. Here’s my take on the “difference” between prayer and magic if you’re interested.

We’ve done a lot of talking about origin, theory, and method. Now it’s time to talk about things that can go wrong.

My Prayer Wasn’t Answered

Sometimes, especially when you’re just starting out, you may think your prayers aren’t being answered. Most times, this isn’t the case so much as the proverbial dominoes aren’t in place for the desired result to occur.

Case in point, I remember a time after a brutal break-up when I wanted my girlfriend back. I used the Pompeii Novena to this effect and even got back on talking terms with her, but no reunion came to pass. However, three years later I met and became involved with a woman who looked like her and had pretty much the same personality. Let’s analyze this for a minute.

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Pronunciation Charts for Latin, Greek, and Hebrew


Latin, Greek, and Hebrew are the “Three Sacred Languages” at the root of Christian religious tradition as well as Western magical literature, and I’ve sometimes been asked about how to pronounce these languages correctly. I’m more than happy to oblige.

Below are the pronunciation charts given in what I’ve come to call the “core books,” The Magic of Catholicism and Ritual Magic for Conservative Christians.

You’ll note that pronunciations given here reflect systems used outside the classroom.

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Let’s Talk about Money Manifestation!

Money Magic

I needed a new vehicle, and manifested the money for that within two weeks.

I needed some major work done on it, and manifested that money within one week.

The more I understand how money works, the better I get at acquiring it. Nowhere near rich (yet) but doing better than I was a year ago, and way better than this time two years ago. I’m fully confident that leaving ministry and transferring that skill set to private practice was the best decision I could’ve made.

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Easter Message for 2017

The place of the Resurrection within Christian Mysticism: the Purgative Life, the Illuminative Life, and the Unitive Life.

I’d originally planned on just saying a private Mass, but ended up broadcasting over Google Hangouts and Facebook Live (hence the background noises). That meant preaching an impromptu sermon, and here’s what I ended up saying.

MORE INFO: Is Easter a Pagan Holiday?

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