Review of “Entering the Desert” by Craig Williams


Image from Anathema Publishing’s website

Books come and go in the occult community; it’s a fact of life no matter what your path, religion, or spiritual orientation.

Of these, some ultimately come to the forefront with staying power, precisely because they connect with timeless principles and call us back to our roots. Craig Williams’ Entering the Desert is a definite example.

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Rosary for the People of Florida

StaroftheSea RV hoera!!! 1

Hail, thou Star of Ocean, Portal of the Sky!

This came to me this morning during meditation. The storm is on its way, and people I care about are in the hurricane’s direct path. I’m posting this for the sake of anyone you know who may be in the direct path too.


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Exorcism and Ritual Magic: Why the Relationship’s Important


I’ve long said that “every formula of exorcism contains a conjuration.” In fact I once went so far as to demonstrate the Exorcismus in Satanam (also called the “Leo XIII Exorcism”) could be used as a conjuration formula with just a slight change in wording. I did this just to prove a point.

Turns out I’m not the only one who sees this. This morning I read a blog post from Dr. Francis Young describing this phenomenon in more detail.

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New Additions to the FREE .PDF Library

Covers for St Gregory and Mysticism

After a long while, I’ve begun uploading new additions to the free .pdf library. Here are the two most recent entries:
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Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, Revisited

Pentacle Wallpaper Pentacle

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A year and some change ago, I wrote a brief tractate on the origins, structure, and potential theological issues inherent in the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, along with suggestions for solutions. Today I’d like to add a few notes to that post, things discussed over the past year.

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Why “Pagan” Is Not a Dirty Word


Reflecting on this for almost a decade, I’ve come to realize one of the problems with post-Vatican II Catholicism is a sort of Insistence on a Jewish identity.

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Mary, Matriarch of Christian Magic

Mother of the Eucharist 1

“Mother of the Eucharist,” by Tommy Canning

In both exoteric and esoteric Christianity, the Blessed Virgin Mary plays a major role. Rank-and-file parishioners seek out her intercession in trials and tribulations, mystics sometimes describe experience of meeting her, and magicians high and low invoke her to get things done. What are we getting ourselves into?

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