Moral Theology of Divination: Astrology

Creation as Feminine

A moral theology of divination. Is there one?

Pre-Vatican II moral theology makes a distinction between methods that explicitly or tacitly invoke “demons” (ouija boards, etc.) versus those that work by natural processes, such as divining rods for water or dowsing with a pendulum. This is a distinction not found in works after Vatican II, likely because the Council’s original implementers (Bugnini et al) were driven by a desire to de-emphasize private spirituality, belief in the miraculous, and belief in human interaction with the non-physical.

However, even the distinction made in pre-Vatican II (i.e. authentic) theology isn’t without problems. The discussion in the Manuals tends to lack detail; in fact it looks like something the authors aren’t comfortable discussing at all. What’s more, one can find the Manualists contradicting each other on the finer points, with the contradictions seeming to run along the “rigorist vs laxist” axis of approaching morality.

Of course, this brings me to some good old-fashioned Summa-style theologizing for Astrology. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll do the same with the Tarot and other methods.

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The Souls in Purgatory and the Catholic Magician


Purgatory by Ludovico Carraci, circa 1610


I’ve come to think of the three days of Halloween, All Saints, and All Souls as a kind of “Dark Triduum.” And yes I know the word “Dark” is really just clickbait in this case, but I like it so I’m keeping it.

Rather than a “Dark” Triduum, it’s actually something of a “Human” Triduum, with each day corresponding to one part of the Tripartite Church.

Halloween gives us cause to reflect on the Church Militant, the human members of the Church who struggle here on the physical plane. This connection can be emphasized by the day’s connection with the Protestant Revolt and the Catholic Reformation that arose to combat it.

All Saints’ Day is the day on which we celebrate the Church Triumphant who fought their way past this “vale of tears” and merited eternal glory in the next life. These are the mighty heroes who now watch over us and advocate for us in our trials here below.

All of this brings us to today, All Souls’ Day, on which we remember the Church Suffering in purgatory. Today the white vestments and celebratory mood of yesterday’s Mass are but a memory, traded in for black vestments, the removal of the Gloria Patri and Judica Me, and the beautiful terrifying lyrics of the Dies Irae. The day is a somber reflection on Death, the Four Last Things, and any pains borne by those faithful departed now being cleansed with the guaranteed destination of Heaven.

As today is the conclusion of this year’s Human Triduum, let us turn our attention to how belief in the Poor Souls can be implemented in the practice of a Catholic magician. Continue reading

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The Saints and the Catholic Magician

All Saints by Albrecht Dürer

All Saints Altarpiece by Albrecht Dürer, 1511

Seeing that today’s All Saints’ Day, it’s a good time to talk about the Saints in the context of Catholic magical practice.

Truth is I was planning a video, but you know how I hate getting in front of the camera. Too much sputtering and stuttering; I’m a better writer than speaker.

Anyways, as we call to mind the feast of All Saints, it never hurts to go over a few basics and ask how we can incorporate these basics into our lives.

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Archangel Sandalphon: Prayer for Speedy Manifestation

In Hebrew lore, Sandalphon was said to be so tall his feet rested on earth and his head reached up to heaven. Alongside patronage over Sacred Music and congregational worship, one of his duties was to be the “Prince of Prayer,” receiving the prayers from the faithful below and weaving them into crowns to be received by God on High (in Catholicism, this role is taken over by the Blessed Virgin Mary).

This prayer calls upon Sandalphon in his “Prince of Prayer” aspect, calling upon him to grant our requests speedily and manifest our desires onto the physical plane post-haste, without side effects or “symptoms of the monkey’s paw.”

Of course while the Seven Keys of Effective Prayer still apply, it never hurts to have a little extra “umph” moving things in your favor!

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The New Rite of Exorcism: My Full Story


I finally understand my “crime.” This is my complete story.

The past few days have been abuzz about the Official English translation for the New Rite of Exorcism, and understandably so. The new ritual was published in 1999, in spite of an Italian translation being published as early as 2001, no English version had been forthcoming for a very long time.

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NEW PDF FILES: Christian Cabala and Rosicrucian History

Waite-Real History

It’s that time,and I’m happy to announce two new books for the FREE .PDF LIBRARY!

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The Spiritual Wisdom of Homemade Potato Chips


Spirituality can be a funny thing, and it can pop up in the most unexpected places.

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