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New Book: The Big Book of Exorcisms!

My personal scrapbook for exorcism work, with advice and insights from the Medieval period to the Modern. At long last, the “Exorcism Trilogy” is now complete! Continue reading

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NEW BOOK: Handbook of Exorcism and Deliverance!

It has been too long since my last book (How to Pray the Rosary and Get Results), and I am pleased to announce a new book is here!

The new book is titled Handbook of Exorcism and Deliverance, and it’s a book I’ve been meaning to write for some time!

In this book, I not only discuss some of my issues with both exorcists and new-school occultism, I also try to explain best practices when going about assembling your team, diagnosing the demonic, interviewing a potential energumen, investigating a case, the process of exorcism, and aftercare. To accentuate, I include stories of worst practices such as the ones below: Continue reading

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Potential Issues with Exorcism

If you’re considering performing an exorcism or becoming an exorcist, then I encourage you to read this post and take it seriously. Continue reading

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