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Archangel Sandalphon: Prayer for Speedy Manifestation

Today we call upon Sandalphon as the “Prince of Prayer,” calling upon him to grant our requests speedily and manifest our desires onto the physical plane post-haste, without side effects or “symptoms of the monkey’s paw.” Continue reading

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Magic for People Who Can’t Visualize

Not everybody can visualize. Magic is for them, too. Continue reading

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The Lord’s Prayer as Spiritual Technology

A few weeks ago I was talking religion with some friends, and one of them claimed the Our Father (the Lord’s Prayer) plays into a mindset of blind obedience and unquestioning submission. Continue reading

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Seven Keys to Better Results with Prayer. Number 6 Is the One They Never Told You.

They never told you about Number 6! Continue reading

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The Magic of Putting on Christ (Homily)

When the Bible tells us to “Put on Christ” or “Put on the Armor of God,” it’s giving us a specific set of instructions . . . how we behave towards God, towards ourselves, and towards our neighbor that put us in the current of God’s power and help us manifest that power here on the physical plane. Continue reading

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