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Mary’s Name Is a “Word of Power”

Diving into the historical Catholic use of barbarous names and Words of Power as we begin the New Year! Continue reading

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Feast of the Assumption: Both an End and a Beginning

She is a true “Inner Plane Adept” and “Ascended Mistress,” thus it is proper to place her before the new initiate’s eyes – on this day of her triumph over the physical plane’s limitations – as an example and guide as we go forth in the path toward our own spiritual victory. Continue reading

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Candlemas and the Eternal Law

It is the Eternal Law that enables us to overcome the Laws of Nature. Continue reading

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Mary, Matriarch of Christian Magic

In both exoteric and esoteric Christianity, the Blessed Virgin Mary plays a major role. Rank-and-file parishioners seek out her intercession in trials and tribulations, mystics sometimes describe experience of meeting her, and magicians high and low invoke her to get things done. What are we getting ourselves into? Continue reading

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Why Real Protestants Loved Mary

What the original Protestants think of Mary would shock the average believer today. Continue reading

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How to Do Basic Rosary Magic

The Rosary is an excellent tool for magical working. Here’s how! Continue reading

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