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I’m an Idiot

Whether swallowing the black pill or mining crypto for purgatorians, here’s what I’ve been up to! Continue reading

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Magic Is Good, Until It’s Not

The Medieval Church viewed Magic more leniently than she does now. What happened? Continue reading

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Announcing “My NEW Everyday Prayer Book!”

A new book is a great way t start off the New Year!
Expanded, enlarged, and with new material. Continue reading

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Let’s Talk about the Black Mass

The Black Mass. What is it? How does it work? How can you defend against it? Continue reading

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You Are the Magic Circle

The idea of “the magic circle” is a constant in historical magic. It’s used to delineate an operating area, used as a means for containment or protection for the magician, and the vast majority of magical designs feature the circle in some way or other. Continue reading

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Why Declaring Your Intent Is a Good Idea

Today I’d like to talk about declarations of intention and why we should say them before beginning ritual. Whether you’re writing your own ritual working or using someone else’s compositions, it’s always good to start your work by stating (out loud) what you’re doing and why. Continue reading

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Mary, Matriarch of Christian Magic

In both exoteric and esoteric Christianity, the Blessed Virgin Mary plays a major role. Rank-and-file parishioners seek out her intercession in trials and tribulations, mystics sometimes describe experience of meeting her, and magicians high and low invoke her to get things done. What are we getting ourselves into? Continue reading

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