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Welcome to our library of free books in .pdf format. Here you’ll find a small but growing collection of documents available to all interested parties.

By Brother A.D.A.

My NEW Everyday Prayer Book (compiled by Brother A.D.A., 2018)
An Occult-ish Guide to the Rosary (Brother A.D.A., 1999)
Sample Chapters from The Magic of Catholicism (Brother A.D.A., 2015)
Occult Lineages within the Traditional Roman Catholic Movement (Agostino Taumaturgo, 2020)

Liturgical Orders

Order for The Traditional Latin Mass (Ordo without Propers)
The Traditional Lutheran Liturgy (Ordo with Proper of the Time)
The Rite of Ordination according to the Roman Pontifical (Translated by J.S.M. Lynch, 1892) (Get Paperback Version Here)
Stations of the Cross (I try to broadcast every Good Friday)

Prayer and Spirituality

The Secret of the Rosary (St. Louis de Montfort, 1673-1716)
Daily Magical Devotions (Brother A.D.A., 2017)
The St Gregory Hymnal (Nicola Montani, 1920) (Get Paperback Version Here)
The Imitation of Christ (St. Thomas à Kempis, 1872 Translation)
The Christian Year (Rev. John Keble, 1827)
The Theory and Practice of Mysticism (Charles Morris Addison, 1918)

Exoteric Studies

A Systematic Study of the Catholic Religion (Charles Coppens, 1903)
Manual of Homiletics and Catechetics (Ignaz Scheuech, 1893)
Explanation of the Epistles and Gospels (Leonard Goffine, c.a. 1700)
Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described (Adrian Fortescue, 1920)
Keeping Your Balance in the Modern Church (Hugh J. O’Connell, 1968)
Anglican Rituals of Exorcism (Robert Petitpierre, 1972)

Medieval and Renaissance Magic

NOTE: Theologically orthodox treatments in magical literature are few and far between. The books here presented are chosen more for their (at least nominal) Christian authorship or character, or for their worthiness of study in the context of magical history.

The Heptameron (attr. Pietro di Albano, 1250-1316)
Oration on the Dignity of Man (Pico della Mirandola, 1487)
De Occulta Philosophia, Book 1 (Cornelius Agrippa, 1533)
De Occulta Philosophia, Book 2 (Cornelius Agrippa, 1533)
De Occulta Philosophia, Book 3 (Cornelius Agrippa, 1533)
The So-Called “Fourth Book” of Agrippa (Anonymous, 1559)
The Isagogue of Arbatel (Anonymous, 1575)
The Enchiridion of Pope Leo III (Anonymous, 1633)

Magic in the Modern Era

The Martinist Operative and General Ritual (Union of Martinist Orders, 1961)
Ritual and Monitor of the Martinist Order (Eduoard Blitz, 1897)
Dogma and Ritual of High Magic, Part 1 (Eliphas Levi, 1855)
Dogma and Ritual of High Magic, Part 2 (Eliphas Levi, 1856)
The Book of Ceremonial Magic (A.E. Waite, 1913 Edition)
Meditations on the Tarot (attr. Valentin Tromberg, 1985)
The Christian Interpretation of Cabala in the Renaissance (Joseph Leon Blau, 1944)
Real History of the Rosicrucians (A.E. Waite, 1887)
The Secret Doctrine in Israel (A.E. Waite, 1911) (Get Paperback Version Here)

Witchcraft: History and Literature

The History of Witchcraft and Demonology (Montague Summers, 1926)
The Witch-Cult in Western Europe (Margaret Murray, 1921)
Narrative of the Witchcraft Cases, 1648-1706 (George Lincoln Burr, 1914)
Irish Witchcraft and Demonology (John D. Seymour, 1913)
An Analysis of Magic and Witchcraft (C.W. Olliver, 1928)
A Treasury of Witchcraft (Harry Wedeck, 1961)
The Inquisition: From its Establishment to the Great Schism (A.L. Maycock, 1927)

Miscellaneous Works (Fraternal Orders, etc.)

Knights of Columbus Illustrated, Rituals and Secret Work (Anonymous, 1918) (Get Paperback Version Here)
The Builders: A Story and Study of Masonry (Joseph Fort Newton, 1914)

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