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Lent, Fasting, and Abstinence

Fasting is known the world over as a powerful spiritual practice. What is it and how does it apply for Catholic Magicians? Continue reading

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Candlemas and the Eternal Law

It is the Eternal Law that enables us to overcome the Laws of Nature. Continue reading

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Why Dogma Can Be Good for Spirituality

Knowing what you truly believe is the first step toward growing as a person. Continue reading

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The Spiritual Wisdom of Homemade Potato Chips

The kitchen is a place where much spiritual wisdom can be found, because a kitchen is effectively a laboratory. Continue reading

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Saint Michael: Protector, Psychopomp, Mediator, and Manager

Let’s take a moment for one of the hardest-working and overtasked angels in the multiverse. Continue reading

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Review of “Entering the Desert” by Craig Williams

Books come and go in the occult community; it’s a fact of life no matter what your path, religion, or spiritual orientation.

Of these, some ultimately come to the forefront with staying power, precisely because they connect with timeless principles and call us back to our roots. Craig Williams’ Entering the Desert is a definite example. Continue reading

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Magical Curses in Christianity?

From the Greek Magical Papyri to the Guiborg Mass, the idea of cursing one’s enemies is nothing new. Continue reading

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