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Modern Rome and the Validity of the “We Baptize Thee” Formula

The case of Fr. Matthew Hood and why I think post-Vatican II Rome is wrong. Continue reading

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New .PDF: Keeping Your Balance in the Modern Church

A new .pdf, featuring a play-by-play account of what went on at Vatican II! Continue reading

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Memories of Love and Hatred

When things around you become toxic, how do you jump out of the frying pan without falling into the fire? Continue reading

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Why Don’t I Use the Luminous Mysteries?

I fully and perfectly acknowledge the freedom of others to disagree and use the Luminous Mysteries in their own spiritual life. I simply see no reason to incorporate them into mine. Continue reading

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The New Rite of Exorcism: My Full Story

I finally understand my “crime.” This is my complete story. Continue reading

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