Theurgic Affirmations for the Sorrowful Mysteries

Blessed Mother - Infant - Crucified

Last May, I wrote a post titled “Theurgic Affirmations for the Joyous Mysteries,” the first attempt to explain the Theurgic Rosary that I’ve been practicing since 2017.

(Actually, it’s been a gradual process of evolution since before 2017, that’s when it reached the form I’m using now).

The plan was to write two more posts, one for the Sorrowful and another for the Glorious Mysteries, but somehow that got lost in the ever-growing pile that is my “to do” list. So without further ado, let’s talk about some Rosarian Theurgy! Continue reading

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A Catholic Defense of “Barbarous Names”

Solomonic Circle

Those of you who know me, will know I’ve spent the past 30 years picking apart magical systems and taking notice of what’s wrong with them as well as what’s right. One such long-running complaint I’ve had is the so-called “Barbarous names” found in the Grimoires.

Of course I’ve long known most of those names to be bastardized theological or liturgical terms, so I didn’t give it much thought since I wasn’t using them. On the few cases I found a use for them, usually I would just either restore the name to its actual Hebrew or Greek, or just translate the name into Latin depending on my mood. Everything still worked out just fine, so “no harm no foul.”

I started to reevaluate my position when researching historical texts for A Handbook of Exorcism and Deliverance, which brought me into contact with the Enchiridium Quadripartitum (“four-part handbook”) of Vincentius Von Berg. Sure, it’s often mentioned on the internet in an “I quoted this from a website that quoted this from another website” sort of way, but when I got my hands on a copy of the actual text, I was floored! Not only did this book contain exorcism formulae for almost every imaginable situation, and herbal remedies, and recipes for suffumigations against demons, and talismanic formulae, this book also includes several prayers and conjurations using Barbarous Names! Continue reading

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NEW BOOK: Handbook of Exorcism and Deliverance!

It has been too long since my last book (How to Pray the Rosary and Get Results), and I am pleased to announce a new book is here!

The new book is titled Handbook of Exorcism and Deliverance, and it’s a book I’ve been meaning to write for some time!

In this book, I not only discuss some of my issues with both exorcists and new-school occultism, I also try to explain best practices when going about assembling your team, diagnosing the demonic, interviewing a potential energumen, investigating a case, the process of exorcism, and aftercare. To accentuate, I include stories of worst practices such as the ones below:

Continue reading

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Finding Grace, Even Where the Church Forbids It

I’ve been quiet about this, but for the past six months I’ve been teaching a weekly “seminary course” with the goal of preparing candidates for ordination, and for a handful of laity who simply want to gain a deeper acquaintance with their faith.

In this week’s class, we talked about the doctrines of grace, of merit, and of “predestination.” The next morning, I woke up with several thoughts in my mind.

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Directions, Elements, and Ritual Working

Elements - Isidorian - System

Chart of the Elements, Directions, and their Attributions from the Isidoro-Aligheran System, the successor and outgrowth of the Libri Artum method.

I just had a conversation asking about the direction the operator faces in the rituals in my books, and what to do if the room or temple is laid out so as to make inconvenient facing North or whichever other direction the rubrics indicate.

I explained it in terms of why I indicate facing those directions to begin with, and afterwards it seemed like a good idea to share with the rest of the world. So here we go!

The Origin of the System

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New Additions to the .PDF Library!

Ordination - Front Cover

Hey everyone! You might notice I haven’t written a blog post since last June. That’s because two sites were stealing my content. One site (who looks like they stopped once I asked) has done so here and here.

The other site has stolen my content here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here. There were two other examples, but they’ve since been deleted from their website. Basically their M.O. is that once I write a blog post, it ends up not “shared” but copypasted to their site the next day, images, links, and all, with the only credit being a small “source link” at the bottom. I’m totally not cool with this, and that’s why I stopped writing blog posts.

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you the bad news. I’m here to tell you the good news, that I’m adding new content to the Free .PDF Library!

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Seriously Bro, Thelema’s Just Another Form of Christianity!

Some days you encounter stupid on the internet, and other days you deal with straight-up retarded!

Case in point, this week in the Church of Ophiel group on Facebook, one of the members (Naomi, a wonderful woman) asks whether it’s a sin if one acts in ignorance. She asks a very fair question, and comments give answers running the gamut from Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Protestantism, and everything in between.

So far, so good. Until one person calling himself “Frater” followed by some Latin that could only come from Google Translate, posts: “The word of sin is restriction.” After which, he receives questions and expounds on Thelema in the replies to his comment.

Thus far, whatever. First Amendment and all that. Until Frater Abdiel (whom I’ve mentioned in the post about St. Uriel) points out the group’s rules to him. Sadly the entire exchange was deleted before I could make a screencap, so I’m doing this from memory.

Frater Abdiel: “This group’s rules state it’s a Christian group, and Thelema is off-topic.”

Frater Google Translate: “Thelema is derived from the Golden Dawn. The GD is Rosicrucianism. Rosicrucianism is esoteric Christianity. Therefore Thelema is Christianity.”

My first reaction was WHAT. THE. EVER. LIVING. F*CK.

And then I started laughing. This is one of the most ridiculous claims I’ve ever heard!

Why Is This Claim Ridiculous?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Oh, wait a minute. You didn’t ask? Well that’s too bad, because I’m about to tell you anyway! Continue reading

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