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The Saints and the Catholic Magician

As we call to mind the feast of All Saints, it never hurts to go over a few basics and ask how we can incorporate these basics into our lives. Continue reading

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Why Declaring Your Intent Is a Good Idea

Today I’d like to talk about declarations of intention and why we should say them before beginning ritual. Whether you’re writing your own ritual working or using someone else’s compositions, it’s always good to start your work by stating (out loud) what you’re doing and why. Continue reading

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Invocation of Cassiel the Archangel

From the up-and-coming prayer book, available soon! Continue reading

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Can We Pray to Spirits and Dead People?

It’s that time of year when the Triduum of Halloween-All Saints-All Souls is upon us. Usually around this time people ask me these questions, or something like them: is it sinful to venerate our ancestors? What about spirits like the Lwa and Orishas? Continue reading

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