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Magic Is Good, Until It’s Not

The Medieval Church viewed Magic more leniently than she does now. What happened? Continue reading

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Changing the Lord’s Prayer?

On the one hand, “To me this looks like he’s strawmanning and stooping to the lowest common denominator.”

On the other hand, “There is no problem with diversity of practice so long as there is unity of faith, and a big problem is when we worry too much about externals, about whether others ‘say the black and do the red’ closely enough for our satisfaction.” Continue reading

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The Saints and the Catholic Magician

As we call to mind the feast of All Saints, it never hurts to go over a few basics and ask how we can incorporate these basics into our lives. Continue reading

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The Magic of Catholicism – Official Trailer

Most books only give conspiracy theories about occultism and the Catholic Church . . . this book talks about WHAT’S ACTUALLY THERE.
Continue reading

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Can Non-Priests Perform Exorcism?

Exorcism by laypeople: impossible fiction, or victim of a priestly power-grab? Continue reading

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