The Magic of Catholicism – Official Trailer

I’ve got a lot of downtime this weekend, so it’s finally here – a book trailer for The Magic of Catholicism: Real Magic for Devout Catholics!

The trailer follows my lines of thinking when writing the book, that most books on “Catholic magic” either talk conspiracy theories or peripheries (i.e. folk magic), while I’d prefer to talk about what’s actually there in the official Catholic tradition.

That’s why there’s so much overkill with giving sources, footnotes, and citations, because this is ground a lot of people don’t want to believe exists, and so it seemed necessary to spell it out and spoon-feed the information every step of the way.

So if you’re looking to learn exactly how the Catholic Church is an initiatory magical system, exactly how magic pervades every aspect of official Catholic theology, and how you can put that magic to for you, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for!

Next up: a trailer for this book’s companion volume, Ritual Magic for Conservative Christians.


About Agostino

Brother A.D.A. (Agostino Taumaturgo) has been a student of Christian spirituality and magic for almost 30 years, specializing in theology and orthodox methods of manifestation. His father was a metaphysics teacher, and Brother A.D.A. learned much from him. After being ordained a traditionalist Catholic priest in 2002 and consecrated a bishop in 2007, he learned even more but returned to the magical community because exoteric ministry just wasn’t for him. Brother A.D.A. now writes, teaches, and lectures on spirituality, magic, and manifestation within a Christian paradigm, and is available for workshops, speaking engagements and one-on-one coaching. He can be reached at
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