Mundane Reading as Part of One’s Magical Workings

Reading book at lake


… and part of mine involves spending half an hour a day reading about what you’re looking to accomplish.

If you’re looking to make money, then spend time each day reading anything you can get your hands on about money, business, marketing, finance, copywriting, sales psychology, and so on. (And work to create it on the physical. Experience will quickly teach you what’s real and what’s BS.)

If you’re looking to attract love, then read everything you can get your hands on about charisma, attraction, communication, self-improvement (we all have some part of our lives that can use a little work), increasing your number of IRL friends (because meeting a prospective partner becomes easier with the more people you know), and so on. And again, work to implement the new knowledge/skills on the physical.

If you’re looking for better health, then start reading up on medicine (first in general and then specific issues), diagnostics, microbiology, and so on. The more you know about the physical mechanics of a given illness or condition, the better able you’ll be to direct your spiritual work as opposed to shooting in the dark (the principle of as above, so below). And of course supplement this with proper guidance from a physician.

In fact you may even notice a cross-over between what you’ll need to read for different subjects. Make note of that as well as transferable knowledge and/or skill sets.

What I do, is I read for about half an hour a day during the evenings, give or take the time to finish the chapter where I currently find myself (I’m a completionist at heart; I really don’t like leaving chapters unfinished or stones unturned).

This can be likely applied to any given purpose or intention (works for everything I’ve tried it with thus far), and draw their life from the Second and Seventh Keys to Effective Prayer:

2nd. “Love Yourself” – If you love yourself, you want to expand yourself, which includes expanding your levels of knowledge and skill.

7th. “Ain’t Nothing to It but to Do It” – Manifestation from the spiritual can be likened to calling down rain to the physical. Yet what crops grow if the soil has no seed? By physical action we plow the soil and plant the seeds, so the rain finds good soil.

We can also call to mind the Picatrix (Book 4, Chapter 5), which tells us there are “ten arts [the magician] must know,” and then lists many more than ten: agriculture, seafaring, governing people, leading armies, engaging in combat, calling animals and birds, grammar, legal reasoning, mathematics, engineering, and so on. The magician is expected to be a well-rounded person.

In like manner this process cannot be done from a mindset of “anxiety for result.” Rather, this should be approached from a mindset of “how do I increase my skill set to improve my workings, and how can I better create more receptive conditions on the physical?”

And besides, has it ever been a bad thing to increase your knowledge level?

PS: In the future, I may post a reading list for mundane subjects. Stay tuned!

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Finding Things from My Younger Years

Things I foundIt’s amazing what one can find by accident.

Yesterday morning I was in the storage room looking for a book I’d never unpacked, and instead found four folders. Taking the folders to my desk to look through them, I’d found a bunch of stuff I’d long forgotten!

The first was what looks like an incomplete oration to fix a relationship, done completely wrong as it was an invocation of the Sun rather than Mercury. No idea why I wrote it or what I was thinking at the time, but this is what it said (In English first and then in Latin): Continue reading

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Mary’s Name Is a “Word of Power”

Mary Terror of Demons

Sancta Maria, qui calcasti serpentes daemonesque sub pedibus tuis, ora pro nobis!

As we begin the New Year, today is the Feast of the Circumcision, traditionally considered the first time Jesus shed his most Precious Blood in accordance with the Father’s will.

Festum Circumcisionis Christi

Of course somewhere along the line, Bugnini and Friends™ thought to themselves, “Eww, shedding blood is icky! We need to do something more happy-clappy. Wait a sec, this Mass Collect says something about Mary. Yeah, that’s it! We’ll claim it was an ancient Roman custom to celebrate January 1st as a Marian feast and dedicate it to her instead!”

Calendarium Romanum, Page 60

Page 60 of the Calendarium Romanum, the official explanation for the changes in the Calendar.

Of course, the old Roman liturgies themselves would beg to differ, but you know how the post-Vatican II Church is: they’re not going to let facts get in the way of their historical revisionism!

January 1, Mohlberg Edition of the Gelasianum

7th-century Mass prayers for January 1, from the Mohlberg edition of the Liber Sacramentorum Romanae Aecclesiae, also called the “Old Gelasian Sacramentary.” Page 13.

Yet I suppose we should thank our good Archbishop Hannibal, because in changing the Feast-day, he gave us pause for reflection. And it gives a good excuse to share something of the style of conjuration indigenous to historical Catholicism. Continue reading

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Theurgic Affirmations for the Glorious Mysteries

Coronatio Mariae

Friends, the last blog post of 2019 is upon us. And so is the last entry on the Theurgic Rosary.

Since we’ve covered much ground the posts discussing the Joyous Mysteries and the Sorrowful Mysteries, I’m just going to jump right into the affirmations! Continue reading

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Theurgic Affirmations for the Sorrowful Mysteries

Blessed Mother - Infant - Crucified

Last May, I wrote a post titled “Theurgic Affirmations for the Joyous Mysteries,” the first attempt to explain the Theurgic Rosary that I’ve been practicing since 2017.

(Actually, it’s been a gradual process of evolution since before 2017, that’s when it reached the form I’m using now).

The plan was to write two more posts, one for the Sorrowful and another for the Glorious Mysteries, but somehow that got lost in the ever-growing pile that is my “to do” list. So without further ado, let’s talk about some Rosarian Theurgy! Continue reading

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A Catholic Defense of “Barbarous Names”

Solomonic Circle

Those of you who know me, will know I’ve spent the past 30 years picking apart magical systems and taking notice of what’s wrong with them as well as what’s right. One such long-running complaint I’ve had is the so-called “Barbarous names” found in the Grimoires.

Of course I’ve long known most of those names to be bastardized theological or liturgical terms, so I didn’t give it much thought since I wasn’t using them. On the few cases I found a use for them, usually I would just either restore the name to its actual Hebrew or Greek, or just translate the name into Latin depending on my mood. Everything still worked out just fine, so “no harm no foul.”

I started to reevaluate my position when researching historical texts for A Handbook of Exorcism and Deliverance, which brought me into contact with the Enchiridium Quadripartitum (“four-part handbook”) of Vincentius Von Berg. Sure, it’s often mentioned on the internet in an “I quoted this from a website that quoted this from another website” sort of way, but when I got my hands on a copy of the actual text, I was floored! Not only did this book contain exorcism formulae for almost every imaginable situation, and herbal remedies, and recipes for suffumigations against demons, and talismanic formulae, this book also includes several prayers and conjurations using Barbarous Names! Continue reading

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NEW BOOK: Handbook of Exorcism and Deliverance!

It has been too long since my last book (How to Pray the Rosary and Get Results), and I am pleased to announce a new book is here!

The new book is titled Handbook of Exorcism and Deliverance, and it’s a book I’ve been meaning to write for some time!

In this book, I not only discuss some of my issues with both exorcists and new-school occultism, I also try to explain best practices when going about assembling your team, diagnosing the demonic, interviewing a potential energumen, investigating a case, the process of exorcism, and aftercare. To accentuate, I include stories of worst practices such as the ones below:

Continue reading

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Finding Grace, Even Where the Church Forbids It

I’ve been quiet about this, but for the past six months I’ve been teaching a weekly “seminary course” with the goal of preparing candidates for ordination, and for a handful of laity who simply want to gain a deeper acquaintance with their faith.

In this week’s class, we talked about the doctrines of grace, of merit, and of “predestination.” The next morning, I woke up with several thoughts in my mind.

Continue reading

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Directions, Elements, and Ritual Working

Elements - Isidorian - System

Chart of the Elements, Directions, and their Attributions from the Isidoro-Aligheran System, the successor and outgrowth of the Libri Artum method.

I just had a conversation asking about the direction the operator faces in the rituals in my books, and what to do if the room or temple is laid out so as to make inconvenient facing North or whichever other direction the rubrics indicate.

I explained it in terms of why I indicate facing those directions to begin with, and afterwards it seemed like a good idea to share with the rest of the world. So here we go!

The Origin of the System

Continue reading

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New Additions to the .PDF Library!

Ordination - Front Cover

Hey everyone! You might notice I haven’t written a blog post since last June. That’s because two sites were stealing my content. One site (who looks like they stopped once I asked) has done so here and here.

The other site has stolen my content here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here. There were two other examples, but they’ve since been deleted from their website. Basically their M.O. is that once I write a blog post, it ends up not “shared” but copypasted to their site the next day, images, links, and all, with the only credit being a small “source link” at the bottom. I’m totally not cool with this, and that’s why I stopped writing blog posts.

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you the bad news. I’m here to tell you the good news, that I’m adding new content to the Free .PDF Library!

Continue reading

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