A Lot of Words Saying Nothing

Toilet Paper

I’ve had a lot of writing ideas lately. One was about the Novus Ordo bishops’ directive for communion in the hand, which then became irrelevant because the churches were closed down.

Another is a post about a question put to me about Crowley’s so-called “Gnostic Mass” in relation to Catholic liturgy. This one wouldn’t be published until certain other things happened first, but after reading everything I could get my hands on about the ritual and watching twelve hours of video Continue reading

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NEW CLASS: Working with Our Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Class - Thumbnail

Throughout history, nearly all cultures have believed each person has a teaching and protective spirit watching over them. Learn who the guardian angels are, who they answer to, what they can and can’t do in your life, along with how to recognize, contact, and consciously form a relationship with yours.

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Ash Wednesday: Into the Lenten Season

Jesus Carried up to a Pinnacle of the Temple - Tissot - 1894

Jesus Carried up to a Pinnacle of the Temple. James Tissot. c. 1894

Today is Ash Wednesday, also known as the beginning of Lent on the Western calendar.

Actually the season isn’t called “Lent;” its real name is “Quadragesima.” But when Christianity came to the English, the English decided not to use the standard names and made up their own instead (hence “Lent,” “Easter,” “Hell,” “Whitsunday,” and so forth). So if you’re ever curious why there are so many “Easter is Pagan” memes around a certain time of year, that’s literally why it happens.

For me, I’m not too concerned about the name. I’m more concerned with what the season can mean to a Catholic magician.

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NoFap, the Magician, and the Confessional

Magician at Play

Yes, this blog post is as cringeworthy as this image! (cropped for your protection)

If masturbation were “magical,” then incels would all be rich!

Come to think of it, they wouldn’t be incels anymore either.

So, why is so-called “masturbation on a sigil” a thing within the Occulture? Where does it come from? Does it really work? Is it just an excuse for people who can’t stop playing with themselves in the first place? And if it is, what can they do about it?

WARNING: This post is not safe for work (NSFW). It contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts masquerading as “occultism” and may not be for the weak of stomach. If you’re not up to this, you may want to turn back now.


DISCLAIMER: This post is going to focus on male masturbation, and is based on information I’ve learned in the confessional and in counseling sessions over the past 18 years. I lack the equipment or understanding to speak to the female experience, seeing that (a) I’m not a woman, and (b) women tended not to open up about this subject in the confessional (can’t say I blame them, either!).

What Is Masturbation Magic? Continue reading

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Memories of Love and Hatred

Holy Family Dayton Ohio 3

Holy Family church in Dayton, Ohio. The Indult where I attended faithfully for years.

Over the past years since I’ve started THAVMA, though, I’ve been brought into contact with younger Novus Ordinarians who insist on remaining Novus Ordinarian, and have noticed something about their faith and approach to the Church that was missing in my own experience. There’s a reason I mention this.

Recently a conversation came up where a friend felt compelled to choose between two Novus Ordinarian parishes: one was FSSP, and the other was “On Eagle’s Wings” style of Novus Ordo. One priest in the group said it was difficult for him to be objective because his memories of the Novus Ordo Church were from prior to 2007, when the Novus Ordo Church was a very different kind of experience than it is today.[1]

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The Hail Mary in Hebrew

Ave Maria Hebraice et Latine

For those of you who’ve always wanted to know how to say the Hail Mary in Hebrew . . .

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Intentions for the Rosary’s Mysteries

13 - Descent of the Holy Ghost

If you’ve been paying attention, I talk about the Rosary quite a bit on this blog. Why? Because I’ve found the Rosary to be a complete system of magic and magical training.

In How to Pray the Rosary and Get Results, I went into more detail about the Rosary as a magical system than ever before, explaining pathworkings, troubleshooting for results, and even discussing how certain commonly-occurring prayer/magical intentions line up to certain Mysteries.

(Related Blog Post: How to Do Basic Rosary Magic)

Below I give the list from Appendix C of that book, coupled with images of the Mysteries for meditation. Continue reading

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Meditations on the Latin Mass

picture mass 12

In the modern Church, there’s this emphasis on “active participation” during the Mass – by which they mean moving your mouth and raising your hands at the same time as everybody else – so much so that any semblance of not doing as the rest of the team is frowned upon.

What if I told you that when they use that phrase “active participation,” it does not mean what they think it means?

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Do Animals Have an Afterlife?


Gray Lady. She came to my porch in 2010 and passed away in 2019. I still miss her.

On occasion, I get asked whether animals “have souls,” though the questioner’s real meaning is almost always: “Do animals have an afterlife?”

To claim there is a de fide Church teaching about this would be untrue, as the sources don’t fully address the question. Rather there is a majority consensus among textbooks that’s taken from Greek philosophy, and a “minority” view (most likely believed by most laity), with various Popes being quoted in both directions.

I don’t claim to know the “once and for all” answer, but I do have speculations and some very strong opinions. Following is an excerpt from Chapter 5 of my Handbook of Exorcism and Deliverance, where I attempt to square this theological circle:

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Mundane Reading as Part of One’s Magical Workings

Reading book at lake


… and part of mine involves spending half an hour a day reading about what you’re looking to accomplish.

If you’re looking to make money, then spend time each day reading anything you can get your hands on about money, business, marketing, finance, copywriting, sales psychology, and so on. (And work to create it on the physical. Experience will quickly teach you what’s real and what’s BS.)

If you’re looking to attract love, then read everything you can get your hands on about charisma, attraction, communication, self-improvement (we all have some part of our lives that can use a little work), increasing your number of IRL friends (because meeting a prospective partner becomes easier with the more people you know), and so on. And again, work to implement the new knowledge/skills on the physical.

If you’re looking for better health, then start reading up on medicine (first in general and then specific issues), diagnostics, microbiology, and so on. The more you know about the physical mechanics of a given illness or condition, the better able you’ll be to direct your spiritual work as opposed to shooting in the dark (the principle of as above, so below). And of course supplement this with proper guidance from a physician.

In fact you may even notice a cross-over between what you’ll need to read for different subjects. Make note of that as well as transferable knowledge and/or skill sets.

What I do, is I read for about half an hour a day during the evenings, give or take the time to finish the chapter where I currently find myself (I’m a completionist at heart; I really don’t like leaving chapters unfinished or stones unturned).

This can be likely applied to any given purpose or intention (works for everything I’ve tried it with thus far), and draw their life from the Second and Seventh Keys to Effective Prayer:

2nd. “Love Yourself” – If you love yourself, you want to expand yourself, which includes expanding your levels of knowledge and skill.

7th. “Ain’t Nothing to It but to Do It” – Manifestation from the spiritual can be likened to calling down rain to the physical. Yet what crops grow if the soil has no seed? By physical action we plow the soil and plant the seeds, so the rain finds good soil.

We can also call to mind the Picatrix (Book 4, Chapter 5), which tells us there are “ten arts [the magician] must know,” and then lists many more than ten: agriculture, seafaring, governing people, leading armies, engaging in combat, calling animals and birds, grammar, legal reasoning, mathematics, engineering, and so on. The magician is expected to be a well-rounded person.

In like manner this process cannot be done from a mindset of “anxiety for result.” Rather, this should be approached from a mindset of “how do I increase my skill set to improve my workings, and how can I better create more receptive conditions on the physical?”

And besides, has it ever been a bad thing to increase your knowledge level?

PS: In the future, I may post a reading list for mundane subjects. Stay tuned!

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