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Guided Meditation on Divine Presence

The first in a planned series of guided meditations, this is one of the first exercises I give students as a way to become accustomed to meditation, as an act of the old prayer-books call “spiritual communion,” and to attune themselves to tap into the divine uncreated energy (theologians call this “grace”) permeating all creation. Continue reading

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The Magic of Putting on Christ (Homily)

When the Bible tells us to “Put on Christ” or “Put on the Armor of God,” it’s giving us a specific set of instructions . . . how we behave towards God, towards ourselves, and towards our neighbor that put us in the current of God’s power and help us manifest that power here on the physical plane. Continue reading

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THAVMA Youtube Channel!

Salutations! We’re pleased to announce the THAVMA Youtube channel, featuring videos and information of interest not only for Christian magical practitioners, but for any occultist with even a passing interest of the spiritual currents within Christianity. Watch. Comment. Share. And … Continue reading

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