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Energy Flow and the Latin Mass

We know the Latin Mass is a powerful generator of energy. Let’s discuss how and why. Continue reading

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The Body of Light and the Three Parts of the Soul

Today we talk about the Body of Light — what it is, how to develop it, and what it can do — in light of the “three parts of the soul” found in Christian Mystical Theology.

We use the experiences of St. Alphonsus and St. Seraphim as examples. Continue reading

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Chakras, the Middle Pillar, and the Lord’s Prayer

Can a Christian use the Middle Pillar? Yes, and find out why! Continue reading

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The Magic of Putting on Christ (Homily)

When the Bible tells us to “Put on Christ” or “Put on the Armor of God,” it’s giving us a specific set of instructions . . . how we behave towards God, towards ourselves, and towards our neighbor that put us in the current of God’s power and help us manifest that power here on the physical plane. Continue reading

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