Why Ideologues Shouldn’t Matter to You


For a moment, I’m gonna stop being Jason the teacher and speak as Jason the businessman.

When I started THAVMA a year and a half ago, I had an alternate profile and kept it as non-political and non-social as possible. I quickly learned that the occult community had drastically changed since the last time I was involved, namely that it had been overrun by SocJus ideologues. I didn’t know how tangling with them would affect my business, so I said nothing.

My silence was a mistake. Extremes on either side are bad . . . there’s no such thing as “good” or “healthy” extremism, be it left-wing or right-wing. I firmly believe that tolerance for any sort of extremism is only tolerance for societal destruction.

What I realized over time is that those special snowflake SJW-tard “muh feelings” idiots were a waste of time. They insisted on dictating terms for how business owners are to run their businesses and on dominating all conversations, but they weren’t spending a dime on said businesses.

[SIDE NOTE: Internet Aristocrat’s video on “replacement theory” is a good discussion of this phenomenon. Start watching at 3:08]

In the meantime, that silence drove away sane people who perceived my silence as acquiescence.

So ultimately I dropped the pseudonymous Facebook profile – which I’d intended to drop sooner or later anyway – came out as who I am, and stay honest about my views and values. When you do this, not only does it limit your having to deal with ideological nut-jobs, it also attracts people who resonate with you on other levels both on a business and friendship level.


In fact not only has this move improved business, it’s made me incapable of seeing anybody as “just a customer,” because we end up with so much in common on other levels that it’s like talking to old friends.

I prefer it that way. I prefer having friends than customers. I prefer being the real me. And deep down, I think most people prefer it that way too.

So if you’re worried about offending the SocJus Brigade or the Westboro Baptist Evangelo-Con types, my advice to you is “Go ahead and offend them.”

Afraid they’ll spread bad PR about you? Nope, they’ll just give you free advertising. So many people are so sick of ideologues hogging the conversation that they’ll look into anybody these folks denounce with the assumption “This might be a solid dude.”

Obviously you don’t want to be an idiot about this and don’t go out of your way to offend anybody and everybody. Just be true to who you are and speak authentically with your own voice.

Be real in business and in life, and the rest will follow.


About Agostino

Originally from Queens, N.Y., and having grown up in Dayton, OH, Agostino Taumaturgo is a unique figure. He is the product of the unlikely combination of coming from a Traditional Roman Catholic background and a spirituality-friendly home. It was in this home that Agostino first learned the basics of meditation, prayer, and spiritual working. In time Agostino completed his theology studies and was ordained to the priesthood and was later consecrated a bishop. He has since left the Traditional movement and brings this knowledge to the “outside world” through his teaching and writing, discussing spiritual issues and practical matters through the lens of traditional Christian theology.
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1 Response to Why Ideologues Shouldn’t Matter to You

  1. danielchieh says:

    I wish that I could be like you, but I was nearly fired from my job for even vaguely voicing that “I think traditional gender roles are not a bad thing.” I’ve learned to be very quiet and to shush myself.

    But in admiration of your general calm, I’ll definitely follow and buy more from you.


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